Counselling Services

Laurier Macdonald High School

The guidance department is committed to helping our students in their academic, social or emotional well-being.

Through counselling, students are provided a safe space to express their concerns, gain self-awareness and learn how to develop healthy coping strategies. The Guidance Counsellor helps students become independent learners and feel empowered in dealing with their issues.

Within a high school setting, a short-term counselling model is used to help students get back on track. Short-term counselling focuses on situational problems such as stress management, inter-personal conflicts, self-esteem concerns, academic struggles and relationship issues that can be resolved within a short period of time. When students require specialized, intensive or long-term therapy, appropriate referrals are made.

The Guidance Counsellor works closely with the school’s resource department in order to provide additional support to students who are undergoing learning difficulties.

Contact Information

Suzanne Laporte

Amanda Lambrinos 

Please see one of the Guidance Counsellors to request an appointment. 


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Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale


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