Governing Board

Laurier Macdonald High School

The Governing Board is a body established according to the Education Act. It is composed of the principals, parents, and teachers, representatives of non-teaching professionals and support staff, as well as students and community representatives. All committee members work in partnership to ensure that every student receives the best possible learning opportunity.

2023-2024 Governing Board Members

Student Representatives
Paolella, Vincenzo 
Huard, Danica
Teacher Representatives
Pinto, Marcel
Di Viccaro, Alex
De Ciccio, Veronica
D’Alessandro, Andy
Caya, Annie
Castonguay, Micheline
Parent Representatives
Civitarese, Marco
De Ciccio, Angela
Irrera, Angelo
Passucci, Stephanie
Petrecca, Giovanni
Ursino, Silvio
Vasile, Mary
Zaruso, Antonio  
Administrative Staff
Celzi, Cristina
Spilak, Ivan
Professional Staff

Barnabé, Valérie

Community Reps

Potesta, Ramona
Tullio, Gerry


Pietrangelo, Mario