Student Clubs & Activities

Laurier Macdonald High School

Social, cultural, recreational, and educational activities are available and all students are encouraged to participate. Please listen for the daily announcements for the times and places of the various school events.

Student Committees & Clubs
Terry Fox Committee

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The LMActivists clubs is a social justice club run by the students and supervised by teachers. Their mission is improve the lives of the local community by seeking out and assisting in rectifying any wrongs.

Spirit Club

The Spirit Club is dedicated in improving the lives of the students at LMAC by cheering on and promoting events at the school.

Improv Club

The Improv Club takes place every Day 5 and promotes the students creativity through dramatic improvisation.  Students are given the opportuity to express themselves through creative acting.  

SLIPP - Student Leaders Injury Prevention Program

This group of Sec 3-4-5 students create awareness campaigns to motivate their peers to be safe on the road, as drivers and/or passengers.

We have partnered with the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Trauma Unit. C&S opportunity.

Student Activities & Events

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Coffee House

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