Community Learning Centre

Laurier Macdonald High School

Community Learning Centre

Schools, vocational and adult training centres are not only part of the educational system, they are part of the communities they serve. This connection is important in Anglophone communities, especially those which only represent a small percentage of the total population in their area.

It is for this reason that the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) supports the development of 93 Community Learning Centres that are located in schools across Quebec.

Role of CLCs in Quebec

In the Province of Quebec, English-speaking communities do not always have the equitable access to education or health and social services.  Community Learning Centers (CLC School) have a dual role in Quebec: supporting student success and contributing to the vitality of English-speaking communities.  Laurier Macdonald High School was a part of the first phase of CLC development over 10 years ago.  Since then, the network has expanded all over the province including both urban and rural settings.

Community Development Agent

Bobbie Variantzas is the community development agent (CDA) for Laurier Macdonald.  She works closely with the school’s administration and staff to provide learning opportunities for the students, their families and the community.


Bobbie Variantzas
CLC Development Agent
CLC Programs

The following is a list of programs offered to the LMAC students in the CLC.

Sharing our Memories, our Stories

Collaborative intergenerational project in partnership with the McCord Museum. students and seniors met weekly during the month of October through Zoom to talk about various 20th century artifacts and to create a project together that will be shared in the group and then exhibited at the museum. 

Art Therapy

Art Therapist Erica D’Onofrio leads sessions for junior and senior students weekly for students to work on mental health issues like anxiety & self-esteem.

Art Hive

The Lmac community is welcomed into the CLC on Tuesdays during lunch to make art together. Open to students and staff.

SLIPP - Student Leaders Injury Prevention Program

Student Leaders Injury Prevention Program. Students in Sec 3-4-5 create injury-prevention awareness campaigns to encourage their peers to be safe on the road, as drivers and/or passengers. In collaboration with the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Trauma Unit.

Red Cross Babysitting Course

Students learn the basics of caring for young children and what to do in case of emergency. Opportunity to skill-up when looking for a job, to add to a c.v. or CEGEP application. Course is offered once or twice a year to interested students on a Ped. Day.

Girls’ self-defense class

Opportunity for female students to learn how to defend themselves against a fully padded assailant by channeling frozen fear into mental ‘strength and empowerment’ assertively and effectively, by fighting back, using ‘full force,’ disabling responses. They learn to realistically and confidently deal with the fear, confusion and panic that occur during a violent confrontation. Course offered to interested students on a Ped. Day.

Inner Warrior - (Boys Club)

“Inner Warrior” Camp Lift leading two all-boys program with junior and senior boys.

Women In Engineering Club

WIE from Concordia University offers girls from secondary 3 to 5 the chance to learn more about engineering through a series of fun hands-on activities. Are you up for the challenge? Join the club to solve problems built around designing an amusement park.

WIE challenge you!

Girls' Club

Lmac's Social Street Worker, Myriam, of Pact de Rue, leads two groups weekly (juniors & seniors) to delve into questions of sexuality and healthy relationships. Students lead the discussions and projects.