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Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM)

STEAM represents a multi-disciplinary initiative that promotes creativity and high levels of student engagement, as they perform a series of group projects that not only involve five school subject domains, but also makes them more relevant, creative, discovery-based and interesting for students.

Popular in schools in China, India and the United States, STEAM engages students in a hands-on, trial and error basis by involving them in a series of interactive projects that integrate the five educational disciplines that make up the STEAM acronym, using the latest technological devices and the most simplest of building materials. The projects involve the students in a group dynamic, as they work together by conceptualizing, communicating, collaborating and building within authentic situations that are given to them by their teacher. In turn, they figure out together how things work by actions, by bringing out a more reality-based approach into the classroom. As a result, these STEAM projects foster not only communication, conceptualization and collaboration, but also curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

The nucleus of the STEAM program is the “Makerspace,” which is usually a converted unused classroom. It provides the tools and supplies that are more accessible to the students for their use towards accomplishing the exercise or project in question and helps develop an atmosphere where innovative creativity and learning can take place.

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