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Societies are more interdependent today than they used to be; they have more social, economic, political and cultural relationships. Because the problems and issues that characterize the contemporary world are both interconnected and multidimensional, the various states, organizations and citizen groups have to work together to find global solutions. To study these problems and issues, one must see them from both geographic and historical perspectives and consider the economic and political dimensions.

Entrepreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Program is important for students to develop entrepreneurial skills, take initiative, meet challenges, translate ideas into action, and become the architect of one’s own future.

  • Students in term one create and market an innovative product that is currently not available on the market. Students carry out a market research in order to discover what interests their potential customers. Students really enjoy this course as it provides a hands-on approach which really showcases student’s abilities and skills.
  • In term two, students create and open up their own business by working on a business plan.

Student Stock Exchange

In the 2012-2013 school year, students took part in the Student Stock Exchange. Students worked very hard in managing a business and creating a partnership between the school, sponsors and charities; Dans La Rue and Generations Foundation. Students promoted their companies by selling shares to the school body and raising money with the help of sponsors. Students set up kiosks around the school and sell their products to the student body and staff. Students advertised the business fair with the help of posters, business cards and social media. The project goal is to nurture entrepreneurial skills in our future generation and provide students with responsibilities, work ethics, time management along with organizational and social skills.