Services for LMAC Students and Families

Laurier Macdonald High School provides a variety of support services to promote the emotional and spiritual well-being for our students.

A range of services are available to students and their families on a daily basis such as library and cafeteria, guidance counselling, physical and mental health services. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to consult with school administration, teachers and personnel for any questions or concerns.

In-School Services


Guidance Counsellor

The guidance department is equipped to provide a full range of personal, academic and career counselling services. Appointments may be made at the Guidance office outside class hours. The student must show the appointment slip when leaving and returning to class.


School Nurse

A Public Health Nurse is provided by the CSSS for one day a week. The nurse cannot prescribe medication. Students cannot be dismissed by the nurse. This must be done at the school office on the recommendation of the Health Service. It is essential that the school be informed of the telephone numbers of parents or relatives to be reached in case of an emergency. (On Registration form).


School Social Worker

A Social Worker is provided by the CSSS is present at school for the equivalent of one (1) day a week. When requested by the administration and other non-teaching professional, the social worker meets with referred students and, if necessary, visits the home in an attempt to help regulate problems which have become evident.


IB MYP Coordinator

The IB/MYP Coordinator is present at school for an equivalent of 2.5 days a week. The coordinator oversees the implementation of all aspects of the MYP and has a central function in the organization of the program.


Spiritual and Community Animator

The Spiritual Community Animator develops and implements programs of activities of a community, humanitarian, spiritual and religious nature. He also provides information and guidance with respect to students' needs in terms of spiritual life and community involvement.



The library is intended to be a resource area for the whole school. Students are encouraged to use the library to do homework and study; to read for pleasure; and to do research. There is a wide variety of books and magazines as well as computers with access to Internet available.



The cafeteria serves both hot and cold balanced meals. No purchase is required to eat in the cafeteria. Students must conduct themselves properly and must clean their tables after eating. Any student failing to do so will be refused the use of the cafeteria facilities. No eating allowed outside of the cafeteria.


Student ID and opus cards

Student ID cards are issued every year in the Fall. Photos are taken yearly. The cost of the Student ID card is incorporated in the school fees.

New STM Student OPUS Cards are available for purchase to students on a yearly basis. Student OPUS cards have an incorporated photo ID and are only valid for one year. The STM tours schools during the Fall to issue the new OPUS cards. Students who have missed the STM tour may still obtain a Student OPUS Card by visiting one of the STM Customer Service Centres.

Please note: When an Opus card is issued during the photo ID school tour, the fares charged on the old card are not automatically transferred to the new registered photo ID OPUS card. To transfer valid fares please refer to the STM website for information.


Student Uniforms

As decided by the Governing Board, the standardized uniform must be respected by all students, from the time the student walks into the building until the student leaves the building. Any student not in uniform while in the school will be sanctioned for not being in proper uniform. Only the approved LMAC clothing will be allowed in school.

All students are expected to wear their respective dress attire appropriately. Shirts, blouses are to be buttoned. Undershirts must be solid black, grey or white with no collars, no logos or writing permitted. Belts must be black, grey or white. All socks, stockings and leotards must be black, grey or white.

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