Welcome to the Phys. Ed. Department!

Laurier Macdonald High School offers its student population up to 300 minutes (4/9 cycle days) in physical education. This includes Health topics as well as a Leadership course offered as an elective at the secondary V level. Students are privileged to receive quality education in a variety of physical education facilities which include two gymnasiums, a pool, and a new fitness room.

Interscholastic Sports

The Laurier Macdonald Rams provide a multitude of successful interscholastic teams that compete in the GMAA league.  These teams include: Outdoor/Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Cheerleading, Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field, Basketball, Badminton, and Flag Football. 

Intramural Sports

Our dedicated Physical Education Specialists offer a variety of intramural activities both at lunch time and after school through-out the year. These activities include:  Fitness Room, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Ball Hockey, Swimming and Soccer.