The Council of Commissioners will be composed of 11 Commissioners (elected, including a Chair) and 4 Parent Commissioners (designated by the Parents Committee).

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Please remember that if you qualify as candidate as per the Education Act and the Act respecting school elections, you must file a nomination paper at the office of the Returning Officer between September 22 and September 27, 2020, according to the revised schedule mentioned in the Public Notice of Election - Erratum, BY APPOINTMENT WITH THE RETURNING OFFICER  (an additional date has been added).



This protocol must be respected by each candidate and is mandatory, under penalty of refusal of candidacy by the Returning Officer
Sanitary Protocol Guide

*It is mandatory to record in a Register, the name, contact details, date and time of the people met during the collection of supporting signatures in the event of a public health investigation.

Register on the Anglophone school electoral list.

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The completed forms will be processed during the period when the Revision Committee is sitting, between October 7 to October 13 (specific dates to come).

Training Calendar

Training sessions will be held if at least 5 people are preregistered.

Training Calendar for Candidates