LMAC Community Learning Centre

Schools, vocational and adult training centres are not only part of the educational system, they are part of the communities they serve. This connection is important in Anglophone communities, especially those which only represent a small percentage of the total population in their area.

It is for this reason that the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) supports the development of 71 Community Learning Centres that are located in schools across Quebec.

Parent Survey

Parents play an important role in the intellectual, social and emotional growth of their children and your involvement in their learning is important.

In collaboration with the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations, English Parents’ Committee Organization, Canadian Parents for French, and the network of Community Learning Centres (CLCs), LEARN is evaluating and updating the services/resources available to parents in Quebec's English school system.

To adequately assess your needs, we need your input and ask you to please take a few minutes to complete a short online survey:

Deadline for completion: February 12th, 2016


In the Province of Quebec, English-speaking communities do not always have the equitable access to education or health and social services.  Community Learning Centers (CLC School) have a dual role in Quebec: supporting student success and contributing to the vitality of English-speaking communities.  Laurier Macdonald High School was a part of the first phase of CLC development over 10 years ago.  Since then, the network has expanded all over the province including both urban and rural settings.

Bobbie Variantzas is the community development agent (CDA) for Laurier Macdonald.  She works closely with the school’s administration and staff to provide learning opportunities for the students, their families and the community.

Student centered and classroom based projects
Project   Connection to the curriculum
LMAC Bees   Science, Media, Personal Projects, Community & Service
Blanket Exercise   History & Histoire
La Course du Chemin du Roy   Phys. Ed, Health, Links to Community
MADD Presentation   Ethics
Bootcamp & Crossfit with Citalfort   Phys. Ed, Health, Links to Community
Le Prince Serpent   SPVM & YMCA, play on dangers of gangs
Royal Bank of Canada Presentations   Financial Education, Business Management
Almage Intergenerational project   English
Neighborhood Interviews   French, English, Creative Writing
E-Games – League of Legends tournaments   Community building
LDVC DJ Battle   Encouraging students with a passion and aspiration to compete in professional forum
Scientific cooking   Science students using their knowledge of conversions to bake
Staff and Community Projects
Dog training   Engendering responsible pet ownership in students and community
Weight Watchers   Providing a meeting place for staff and Anglophone Community members
Bootcamp & Crossfit with Citalfort   Encouraging physical health and wellbeing for staff
Coffee & muffins   Ttime for staff members to come together during hectic January exam period

For more information about these or any other projects, please email