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Parent Survey

Parents play an important role in the intellectual, social and emotional growth of their children and your involvement in their learning is important.

In collaboration with the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations, English Parents’ Committee Organization, Canadian Parents for French, and the network of Community Learning Centres (CLCs), LEARN is evaluating and updating the services/resources available to parents in Quebec's English school system.

To adequately assess your needs, we need your input and ask you to please take a few minutes to complete a short online survey:

Deadline for completion: February 12th, 2016


    IB Core IB Enriched
Academics and Curriculums
Access to Advanced Math  
Access to Français langue d’enseignement  
Enrichment components in French    
Enrichment components in English    
Spanish language classes    
Year 5 E-Assessment    
Student Services
Support for students with special needs  
Diplomas and Certificates
MEES Diploma (High school diploma)  
IB Record of Achievement    
IB Diploma    
SÉBIQ Diploma    
Additional benefits for choosing the IB Programme
Extra 2% on average and a competitive edge when applying to SRAM CEGEPs    
Community Service (compulsory)  
Year 5 Personal Project (compulsory)  

Standards and Procedures

Secondary 3 Secondary 4 Secondary 5
English English Business Management
Français langue d'enseignement Environmental Science & Technology Calculus
Français langue seconde de base Ethics Chemistry
Français langue seconde enrichi Français langue d'enseignement Computer Science
Histoire Français langue seconde enrichi Contemporary World and Financial Literacy
History Histoire Creative Writing
Mathematics History English
Science & Technology Mathematics CST Environmental Science & Technology
Visual Arts Multimedia Education Mathematics SN Ethics
  Science and Technology Français langue d'enseignement
    Français langue seconde de base
    Français langue seconde enrichi
    Graphic Deisgn
    Mathematics CST
    Music Production
    Visual Arts IB

Curriculum Tables

Advanced OptionCourses

Laurier Macdonald High School offers a variety of Advanced Option Courses, such as business managment, computer science, creative writing, film studies, fine art, graphic design, intensive team sports, music production and photography. To learn more about the courses visit Visual Arts and Multimedia Program section.